The children’s saftey, is our priority. Wannado pride’s itself on creating a positive and encouraging learning environment, with top quality tuition. To maintain these standards, we operate with a 3 stage warning system.

If your child is being too disruptive to the other children’s learning, or the teacher’s teaching, they will recieve 1 verbal warning.

Continued disruption will warrent a 2nd warning, which incurs a short Timeout.

Further disruption will recieve a 3rd warning, which means the parent will be contacted at the end of the session/day, and your child will not participate for the remainder of the session. If they are still being disruptive, you will be contacted to remove the child immediately.

Should a child get 2 x ‘3 stage warnings’ in a term, they will not beable to return until agreed by the Wannado Teachers in writing, after a formal written apology is given. This will usually be the following school term, unless agreed otherwise.

Please note: no refunds will be given for any sessions paid, that your child has been removed from. No refunds will be given for sessions excluded from following the 2 x 3 warning consequences.