Summer Holiday Dance Days

Summer Holiday Dance days

TOTS  3-4

KIDS  5-10

TEENS  11-18

watch your child soar

The only authentic Street dance event like this in West Sussex!
We welcome you to grow into your best self, whatever age or stage you are at!

Have Fun

We understand that everyone learns best whilst having fun!  We bring bundles of energy, cool moves, and banging tunes to motivate and inspire fun!

Make Friends

Did you know Hip Hop means Cool Party? For the best social event of your  week, make friends and learn with positive, like minded individuals!

Get Fit

The diversity of authentic Street Dance styles, will harness your energy productively, and improve strength, stamina and fitness levels!

Be HAppY

Improving fitness, skills, and confidence, whilst expressing and connecting with peers will improve their mental health!

Be Confident

Mastering new skills, and being supported and celebrated as a valued individual, will improve self esteem, confidence and mental health.


We embrace you as you are! We cover so many styles, that there is something for everyone. So let loose and shake your groove thing cool cat!

“Ethan loves you and your classes and workshop days. We drive half an hour to come to your classes as we haven’t found a better one nearer to us and wouldn’t dream of moving now anyway.You are friendly, warm, enthusiastic, inspiring and talented. The children love you and learn so much from you. Thank you for everything you do."


"Evie is becoming more and more confident in her dancing. She loves how you teach, the call atmosphere, and the steep learning curve. Definitely the best street dance school in town!"

Jamie – proud dad

"Two days ago our girl was nervous and struggling with her confidence, but now as she heads into the third day of the summer street dance camp she's popping, breakin and hip hopping with the best of them! The teachers are unbelievably talented and so, so encouraging. Cannot recommend Wannado highly enough"