Welcome to the Wannado Street Dance Shop! Here you’ll find a curated selection of exclusive street dance apparel designed specifically for our dedicated members. Our range includes stylish t-shirts, comfortable hoodies, and performance-ready gear, all crafted from high-quality materials to ensure you dance with confidence and flair. Whether you’re training hard or just want to showcase your passion for street dance, our collection has something for everyone. Explore our shop and elevate your street dance wardrobe today!

At Wannado Street Dance, we prioritize quality and craftsmanship in every garment we offer. Each piece of apparel is made from premium materials, ensuring maximum comfort, durability, and style. Our design process is meticulous, focusing on creating items that not only look great but also perform well during intense dance sessions. Our garments are made to order and delivered direct to your door within 5/7 working days from checkout to delivery.

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“I want everyone to feel accepted, included and valued, because it is then that a person can really outshine their own expectations and ambitions! We welcome everyone as equally groovy individuals, in a big famalam of FUNK!”

Why choose wannado?
Wanna do would love to welcome you into our famalam of funk! Here’s how we can help you be your best self.

Have Fun

We understand that everyone learns best whilst having fun!  we bring bundles of energy, cool moves, and banging tunes to motivate and inspire fun!

Make Friends

Did you know Hip Hop means Cool Party? For the best social event of your  week, make friends and learn with positive, like minded individuals!

Get Fit

The diversity of authentic Street Dance styles, will harness your energy productively, and improve strength, stamina and fitness levels!

Be Connected

We bring the Worldwide professionals to you! They will inspire you with their awesome talents and experiences right on your doorstep in Worthing!

Be Confident

Mastering new skills, and being supported and celebrated as a valued individual, will improve self esteem, confidence and mental health.


We embrace you as you are! We cover so many styles, that there is something for everyone. So let loose and shake your groove thing cool cat!

"I've had a great time attending Kerry's adult street classes. She is a great teacher, catering to all abilities and always making it fun! I would recommend to anyone who wants to step out of day to day life and into the world of awesome music and funky moves."


"I am absolutely loving Wannado Street Dance online sessions. It always puts a smile on my face - even in these hard times. Thank you so much Kerry x "


"Two days ago our girl was nervous and struggling with her confidence, but now as she heads into the third day of the summer streetdance camp she's popping, breakin and hip hopping with the best of them! The teachers are unbelievably talented and so, so encouraging. Cannot recommend Wannado highly enough x"