Your tot’s dance journey starts here…

Our fun and friendly HIPHOP4TOTS classes are for Pre School aged Children, 3-5.

With the support of our experienced and welcoming teachers, your tot will be nurtured, and learn authentic street dance foundations, while improving confidence and fitness.

This class enthusiastically delivers an energetic and inspiring class of Freestyle dance, Street dance foundations and Funky games to get your little monsters moving with style!

 This class is FUN, sociable, and expressive, offering a safe and professional space to express your child’s individuality and style!

Your child can progress into our highly acclaimed Authentic Streetdance Academy at school age, where they can continue their Authentic Streetdance journey!

watch your child soar

We want to give your tot the most positive experience to kickstart their street dance journey. Our classes offer a varied learning experience, developing much more than just dance skills. Find out how…


We understand that everyone learns best whilst having fun!  We bring bundles of energy, cool moves, and FUN tunes to engage your tot!

social skills

Did you know Hip Hop means Cool Party? Improve social skills, and make friends with other wonderful street dancing tots!


Our classes will harness and focus their endless supply of energy, improving their ability to wind down for bedtime later!


We offer a balance between structured choreography and freestyled movements, so that your child is expressing the,selves, and learning at a toddler’s pace.

Improve confidence

Mastering new skills, and being supported and celebrated as a valued individual, will improve self esteem, confidence and mental health.


We embrace your tot as they are! We do not follow rigid syllabus and formal dress codes! Street dance is perfect for encouraging individual personality and style

"Evie is becoming more and more confident in her dancing. She loves how you teach, the call atmosphere, and the steep learning curve. Definitely the best street dance school in town!"

Jamie – proud dad

"Two days ago our girl was nervous and struggling with her confidence, but now as she heads into the third day of the summer street dance camp she's popping, breakin and hip hopping with the best of them! The teachers are unbelievably talented and so, so encouraging. Cannot recommend Wannado highly enough"


Asked Question

Here to answer all of your questions.

Is this a Drop off and Go class?

Yes and no. You may go and grab a coffee in the wonderful in house cafe and wait should your child need toileting during the session. Parents are not allowed in the class as you maybe more of a distraction than help. Your child can bring their favourite teddy should they want something to comfort them.

My child is nervous, can I come and watch?

We have wonderfully experienced and friendly teachers and assistents to help support your child to settle in. 99% of the time, children settle quicker with out an audience/parent, as they can become distracted from integrating with their new friends and learning their new cool moves. We will always communicate with you should we feel your presence neccessary, but we guaruntee, your child will forget their nerves as soon as the music starts pumping!

What shall my tot wear?

Comfortable clothing and footwear suitable for exercise should be worn. No jewellery is advised. You can purchase a Tshirt for £5 in either purple or yellow depending on preferance and availability. 

My child has communication problems, will they fit in?

YES! We welcome and nurture everyone. We will give you regular feedback, and we have fantastic assistants to help keep an eye on all of the children’s needs.

Can we have a Taster?

You are welcome to a free taster to see if your child enjoys the session. After your taster, you will be asked to set up a rolling monthly direct debit. You can cancel this at any point, with out exit fees.

Will I have to fill in a sign up form?

Yes. For health and safety, and insurance purposes, you will be asked to fll in a form if it is your childs first time.


Can my older children attend the session?

No. The class is aimed at 3-5 year olds. We would love to welcome older siblings to our main Academy though!

Who will be leading the classes?

Kerry will be teaching the classes. She is a proffessional, authentic Streetdance specialist, who has over a decade of teaching experience for all ages. She is one of the very few, fully qualified, government accredited Streetdance teachers in the UK, who takes her own personal developement as a credible streetdancer just as seriously as her ability to teach it. Not only will she teach you some funky moves and grooves, she will do it with a big smile on her face (unless its time to do the stern gangster streetdance face!) Kerry is extremely passionate on building a family of Funky monkeys, who remain inspired to continue their streetdance journey.

Are the staff certified?

Our staff are highly experienced, qualified professionals, and have comprehensive and up to date DBS checks, Fully insured, and where necessary, have first aid training. We also carry out regular risk assessments and update our health and safety policies. Your safety is prioritised.

What if the classes are full?

You will be put onto the waiting list and contacted as soon as a space opens up. Avoid disapointment and contact us now!

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