This is to outline the baseline procedures, in line with Government guidance, to limit exposure and transition of COVID-19 during Wannado Streetdance sessions. Some procedures may have to be adapted to certain settings. This accounts for ‘in school’ classes facilitated by Wannado with in a school venue.

Preparing the space.

Teacher will sanitise hands before students arrive.
Teacher to use their own sound system, which is controlled via phone.
If appropriate, antibac wipes to be used on music devices and sound system contact points.
Ventilation to be maximised with windows and doors open where safe and possible.


Spaces to be marked out using PE Spots or cones where possible. These will be placed with 2m distance between. Sometimes this is not possible in schools with SEND+ students, so will be adapted where needed.
If maintaining a school’s current bubble system, up to 30 children can be accepted.
If we are mixing bubbles, up to 15 children can be accepted, which falls in line with government guidelines. 2m social distanced spots to be adhered to.

Entering the space

Students will sanitise hands before the session where possible
Students must arrive dressed with trainers, and limited belongings (if any at all)
Limit any situations where children need to get changed.

During the class

Students to avoid using any other facilities in the building during the session, and must stick to break times for such matters.
Students are not to talk over the music.
Teachers to reduce the volume of the music whist giving verbal instructions.
Teacher must stay socially distanced from the students as much as possible. There may be some cases where this is not possible. In which case, a note will be made of such instances, and the school and parents will be informed for their records.
High intensity classes are to be avoided on particularly hot days. Classes to be adapted with the teacher’s judgement.

Leaving the class

Students to sanitise their hands on exit where possible.
Students to only leave with permission, maintaining distance.
Teacher to sanitise hands before exit.
Windows to be kept open on exit if possible.


School is to disclose any information on participating students that may have been in contact with COVID-19 within a 14 day period of a session.
Wannado to inform the school and parents, if a teacher may have been in contact with COVID-19 with in a 14 day period of a session.
School and Wannado to communicate via email if any of the guidelines are adapted or changed.


-We understand that the guidelines are changing on a weekly basis, and we may need to adapt policies and procedures accordingly.